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Marie Curie

Marie Curie

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Great Lives in Graphics: Marie Curie is a graphic retelling of Curie's story which gives children a visual snapshot of her life and the world she grew up in, while educating them on everything from how radioactivity works to the importance of self-belief. You may already know that Marie Curie was a scientific genius who pioneered the study of radioactivity, but did you know that she changed her name to Marie to sound more French? Or that her body's so radioactive she had to be buried in a lead coffin? Great Lives in Graphics reimagines the lives of extraordinary people in vivid technicolor, presenting 250+ fascinating facts in a new and exciting way. It takes the essential dates and achievements of each person's life, mixes them with lesser-known facts and trivia, and uses infographics to show them in a fresh visual way that is genuinely engaging for children and young adults. The result is a colorful, fascinating and often surprising representation of that person's life, work and legacy. Using timelines, maps, repeated motifs and many more beautiful and informative illustrations, readers learn not just about the main subject of the book but also about the cultural background of the time they lived in. AGES: 8 to 12 SELLING POINTS: . 250+ fascinating facts about scientific genius Marie Curie . Covers important issues in an innovative format which is accessible for young children . Fact-packed infographics capture the key information about each person's life and work . Builds into a colour-coded library of collectible biographies . Aimed at children aged 8-12




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