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Magic Keepers: Spirit Surprise

Magic Keepers: Spirit Surprise

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Meet the new protectors of magic!Ava is settling into her new home - not only has she made friends but they've discovered that magic is real! And together Ava, Sarah and Lily (and Ava's Tibetan terrier, Pepper) are going to learn EVERYTHING they can about it. When strange things start happening at home and around town the friends suspect magic must be at play. Despite it being the middle of autumn, Ava's mum's hay fever is acting up, plants are growing wildly out of control, and vines have begun to cover houses, entangling people in their path! Can the girls use their newfound knowledge to uncover what is causing nature to run wild before the whole town is taken over?From the author of STAR FRIENDS comes an exciting new series about the power of magic and friendship, perfect for fans of RAINBOW MAGIC and Holly Webb.




Author/s: Chapman, Linda

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