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Have you ever struggled with your mental health, your terrible relatives or a dysfunctional relationship? Or simply wondered what the hell is wrong with you? This story is for you. Finley recounts her chaotic life with deadpan humour and honesty, wryly embracing her colourful lovers and a series of futile attempts to fix her. When a catastrophic encounter in France sends her into meltdown, she winds up receiving daily psychoanalysis on the NHS with a cast of unsettling characters - mainly the therapists. On leaving hospital, Finley stitches her life back together, living for a short time with a Bristol theologian before finding domestic bliss with a transgender civil servant. A cutting-edge approach to mental illness eventually leads her to a key revelation about her past, and she finally understands herself through the lens of her history. Aware at last of what she has survived, she faces an agonising decision about her future. Trauma has never been so funny or so shocking. Finley de Witt is a writer, bodyworker and trauma specialist.




Author/s: Witt, Finley de

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