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Little Rabbit

Little Rabbit

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A wholly new kind of coming-of-age story about lust, punishment, artistic drive and desires that defy the hard-won boundaries of the self'Deeply empathetic and horny' CARMEN MARIA MACHADO'Will quietly engulf you in flames' LING MA'So incredibly hot' RACHEL YODER'Hypnotic, sexy, smart' MELISSA FEBOSWhen she first meets the choreographer at an artists' residency, they don't hit it off. She finds him loud, conceited, domineering. He thinks her serious, guarded, too precious about her work. But when he invites her to watch his dance company perform, something shifts. Their interaction at the show sets off a summer of expanding sexual boundaries. Over weekends sequestered at his summer house in upstate New York, her body learns to obediently follow his, and his desires quickly become inextricable from her pleasure - and her pain. Back in Boston, her roommate's concern amplifies her own doubts about these heady weekend retreats. What does it mean for a young, queer woman to be with an older man? For a fledgling artist to attach herself to an established one? Is she following her own agency, or is she merely following him? And does falling in love have to mean eviscerating yourself?




Author/s: Songsiridej, Alyssa

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