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Link + Hud: Heroes by a Hair

Link + Hud: Heroes by a Hair

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Lincoln and Hudson Dupre are brothers with what grown-ups call "active imaginations". Link and Hud hunt for yetis in the Himalayas and battle orcs on epic quests. Unfortunately, their imaginary adventures wreak havoc in their real world. Dr. and Mrs. Dupre have tried every babysitter in the neighbourhood and are at their wits' end. Enter Ms Joyce. Strict and old-fashioned, she proves to be a formidable adversary. The boys don't like her or her rules and decide she's got to go. Through a series of escalating events-told as high-action comic panel sequences-the brothers conspire to undermine Ms Joyce and get her fired. When they go so big that even Ms Joyce can't fix it, suddenly she's out. Finally, success! Or is it? With warm and authentic humour, Jarrett and Jerome Pumphrey have blended prose and graphic novel-style illustrations to craft a unique and subversive new series full of brotherly mischief and mayhem.




Author/s: Pumphrey, Jarrett

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