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Like a Butterfly, Vol. 6

Like a Butterfly, Vol. 6

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Would you rather wait for love like a flower, or fly toward love like a butterfly?Suiren Shibazeki is often compared to a beautiful flower-but one that grows on the tallest peak of a mountain, forever out of reach. When Suiren develops feelings for the quiet Taichi Kawasumi, however, she doesn't want to be a distant flower. She'd rather leave her lofty perch and fly toward him like a butterfly. Suiren and Kawasumi are finally going on their first date! Unfortunately, neither one of them is quite sure what they're supposed to do on one. Their day out together takes an upsetting turn, and now that Suiren finds herself hiding an embarrassing secret, will things go from bad to worse if Kawasumi finds out what it is?




Author/s: Morishita, suu

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