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Hugo and the Bird: The Ark of the Covenant

Hugo and the Bird: The Ark of the Covenant

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Greed. Deceit. Jealousy. Treachery. None are qualities you want to come up against, especially when they're brought to life in a group thought to be dead. Unfortunately for Hugo Bennett, an eleven-year-old schoolboy, and his friends and allies, this group wants what they have and will stop at nothing to get it. When a small golden amulet is discovered by Hugo, it's realised that this is the focus of the attacks they are facing. Together with five jewelled rings, these objects originate from the scabbard of Excalibur, the magical sword of King Arthur. Legend has it that these precious items form the 'inheritance' which, when assembled, will give the power of regeneration to four executed children: Mary Edwards, Stephen Lloyd, and Anne and Jane Trembles, executed in 1697 and descendants of the Witches of Bideford. As they stood on the scaffold, they proclaimed their dying curse - to kill all those responsible for their illegal execution alongside all of the perpetrators' descendants. And as bad luck would have it, this includes Hugo and his family. Allies, new and old, must now work together to keep the inheritance out of the wrong hands, but as the clock ticks down, it seems it will take a miracle to stop the witches' children from coming back from the dead. Can Hugo and Bird triumph this time or has their luck finally run out?




Author/s: Mills, Jeff

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