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Horror Heights: Dead Ringer : Book 3

Horror Heights: Dead Ringer : Book 3

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Welcome to Horror Heights: can the children who live here conceal the strange goings on behind closed doors? Book three in the creeptastic series. When Yas takes a selfie in the local park with her brand new phone, she doesn't expect to see an old lady photobombing her picture. In fact, each time Yas opens the camera app, the ghostly old lady figure re-appears silently screaming. Yas decides to investigate with best friend Oscar. If the pair are being haunted, then maybe the ghost has something important to tell them... What does she want? Can Yas and Oscar find a way to banish her for good?A creeptastic new series for readers aged 8 and up - are you brave enough to discover the scares behind every door at Horror Heights?




Author/s: Hill, Bec

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