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Highland Journey

Highland Journey

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Highland Journey tells the true story of how the author and her husband befriended a young Scottish Highland bull and cow they met on a walk while living on the edge of a German city. The bull was soon sent to the slaughterhouse, but not before impregnating the cow. The couple vowed to rescue the calf from its father's fate, if it too should turn out to be a bull. Six months later a bull calf was born who the couple named Bobo. There then followed a very sharp learning curve as these two city dwellers discovered what extraordinary, sensitive and intelligent creatures cattle are, and the difficulties involved in giving them a natural home. As Bobo grew the couple decided to buy him, and so began their search for a year-round outdoor home for him, together with his kind, before he was also sent to the slaughterhouse. It was the beginning of a long journey with many highs and lows, and a varied cast of characters, human and bovine, that they met along the way.The couple's ignorance and naivete prove to be a strength as they were not daunted by what they did not know and just faced each new battle as it came along. The stories of Bobo, his mother Rumpy, and his daughter Ginger weave in and out of the narrative as the couple struggle to give them the life that they deserve, a life that the cattle invite them to share.




Author/s: Murphy, Sadie

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