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Heard It in a Love Song : A Novel

Heard It in a Love Song : A Novel

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Layla Hilding is smack-dab in the middle of a difficult season. Thirty-five, newly divorced, she discovers that the independence she values sometimes feels a little like loneliness. Struggling to break free from the past, she ruminates on her glory days as the lead singer in a popular bar band and her ten-year marriage to a man who never put her first. Then there's Josh, the single dad whose daughter attends the elementary school where Layla teaches music. Newly separated from his soon-to-be-ex-wife, he's still processing the end of his twenty-year marriage to his high school sweetheart. He chats with Layla every morning as he walks his daughter into school, and he thinks they might have a lot in common. Equally cautious and confused about dating in a world that favors apps over meeting organically, Layla and Josh decide to be friends with the potential for something more. Sounds sensible, practical and way too simple - because when two people are on the rebound it's way too easy to get burned.




Author/s: Graves, Tracey Garvis

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