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Gus the Human Goose

Gus the Human Goose

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Gus doesn't want to be a goose, let alone the perfect son his parents want. He wants to be a human!It goes horribly wrong right from the start when he accidentally hatches into the hands of Clara, a young human girl. Thinking she's his real human mummy, Gus is horrified to be handed back to grow up amongst his flock of Canada geese. They do stupid goosey things like watch grass grow and roll in the mud. Meanwhile, on the other side of the river, bully Bruce Bacon and his moronic brother, Spike, are planning the jewellery heist of the century. After their farmyard burglary attempt was ruined by a Guard Goose fifteen years ago, they are fresh out of prison and keen to repair their reputation. This time, there won't be a ghastly goose in sight!Will Gus manage to stop the bad Bacon Brothers, keep his parents happy and achieve his dream of becoming a human?




Author/s: Cupitt, Julie

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