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Girlfriend on Mars

Girlfriend on Mars

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Every detail is sharply placed ... a scorching sense of humor and a soft spot for humanity down here on Earth' The New York Times'Fleishman Is In Trouble, but in space' Bobby PalmerLONGLISTED FOR THE 2023 SCOTIABANK GILLER PRIZEKevin is a thirtysomething homebody, happily committed to his hydroponics-expert girlfriend, Amber, as they grow weed in their basement in Vancouver. Out of the blue, Amber announces that she has been selected for a reality show where she will compete for one of two seats on the first human-led mission to Mars. If selected, she must stay on Mars for good, because the technology to come home doesn't exist yet. Is this a suicide mission or a bold new frontier?Girlfriend on Mars is the story of love unravelling in a world where truth is dictated by Facebook ads and 'reality TV' is as scripted as any politician's speech. With rapt viewers voting for Amber to stay on the show and crates of Mars-mission branded protein shakes arriving at his door, is it any wonder Kevin wants to stay in the basement forever?




Author/s: Willis, Deborah

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