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Gamer Girls: Monster Village

Gamer Girls: Monster Village

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Gamer Girls are four besties who prove that girls can game! But when a new game comes out, it's not a hit with everyone. Maybe they should stick to video game battles instead of middle school arguments!Celia, Natalie, Lucy, and Jess are the Gamer Girls-four gamers devoted to showing that girls can game, too. They stream together every Friday night and they're also BFFs. Celia is the artsy, creative one of the group, so it's no surprise when she starts designing merch for their new club. But when she falls in love with a new, cozy game called Monster Village, it's a far cry from her friends' action-packed battle royales. Can the Gamer Girls find common ground, or is their new club doomed?In this second illustrated book of the all-new series, Gamer Girls,four friends navigate the video game world and the middle school world . . . if only they could solve drama like defeating monsters! This series is perfect for teens and tween readers who love video games.




Author/s: Towers, Andrea

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