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Forever in the Sunshine : The Story of Morecambe and Wise as Only Family Can Tell It

Forever in the Sunshine : The Story of Morecambe and Wise as Only Family Can Tell It

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Morecambe and Wise - the most famous and best-loved British comedy double-act of all time. In this unique book, Eric Morecambe's son Gary sheds new light on the comic geniuses who became the nation's best friends. Gary reveals what it was like behind the scenes, with touching and hilarious stories of life in the Morecambe and Wise family homes, along with memories from Eric's wife Joan and his daughter (and Ernie's goddaughter) Gail, who has never written about her father before. From a working class music hall act in their early career to their show becoming the nation's greatest TV entertainment from the late 1960s until the early 1980s, Eric and Ernie were not just mass audience television stars, but national treasures whose popularity endures. Gary recalls conversations with his dad and Ernie that paints a vivid portrait of two men who loved each other like brothers, as well as bringing to life the major characters who impacted Morecambe and Wise's lives. Gary's conversations with high-profile fans today, from Ben Miller and Bob Golding, to Jonathan Ross and Miranda Hart, provide a fascinating look at why Morecambe and Wise remain so popular now, their impact on today's most recognisable double acts, and how Eric and Ernie continue to be a part of so many families' Christmas traditions. Sweet and funny, touching and poignant, these untold stories and anecdotes let us get to know the two men who became the biggest British comedy act of all time, with the authority that only family can. This is the ultimate book for Morecambe and Wise fans, celebrating their days in the sunshine, now and forever.




Author/s: Morecambe, Gary

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