Everything We Are-9781399600323

Everything We Are

Angelico, Karen

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This is a novel about marriage and friendship, secrecy and infidelity, guilt and desire. It's about you and me and everything we are - and what happens when love isn't enough. Daniel and Luke are unlikely best friends. Their bond has stood the test of time, through marriages, children and tragedies. But midlife is upon them and hidden truths are beginning to surface. Luke's hedonism is spiralling out of control, while Sarah fears for their future. And now Daniel has made a shocking discovery about his wife Kate, and doesn't know where to turn. Four people, two couples, and a secret that threatens to destroy them all . . . Everything We Are is a dark and addictive exploration of modern relationships, which plumbs the depths of the human heart and asks how well we can ever really know those closest to us.

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