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Meet Egg. Egg is not like any other egg you've ever seen. Egg is gold and white, and can fly and talk and be seen by children and special grownups. It lives in a place of stillness and silence until one day a girl's hand suddenly picks it up and sticks it in her bedroom. Egg is amazed. What is this place?The hand belongs to Hester, and she and her younger brother, Sam, live on a volcanic island. Slowly, Egg realises it has to help them leave their unhappy house, and one night leads them down to a beautiful yacht called Waterwitch. It's crewed by children of all ages who've also left home, and captained by a woman called the Skipper. You might think the adventures end there...but it's here where they really begin. From a stormy ocean to a faraway desert, Egg helps a lost girl called Raahi and a brave girl called Sana and learns that finding can be losing and losing can be finding, and that there are amazing things hiding in the middle of nowhere. For readers looking to get whisked into a magical story akin to the classics, Egg is perfect for 7 - 9 year-olds. Come aboard - adventure awaits!




Author/s: Hagan, Susannah

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