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Double Dog Dare: A Graphic Novel (Sparks! #2)

Double Dog Dare: A Graphic Novel (Sparks! #2)

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Sparks is in for trouble when he starts seeing double! Who's a good dog?! Charlie and August, the two cats that control the mechanical superhero dog, Sparks, are keeping the city safe. But when a second, evil Sparks shows up and starts causing trouble around town, everybody blames the real Sparks. Determined to prove that Sparks is still the hero everyone can count on, Charlie and August set out to uncover the shocking truth about who is responsible for all the chaos. Perfect for fans of Dog Man Filled with brilliant illustrations and hilarious stories, this is a great read for the whole family! Collect them all: Sparks! and Sparks! Future Purrfect




Author/s: Boothby, Ian

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