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Disenchantment: Untold Tales Vol.1

Disenchantment: Untold Tales Vol.1

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Here lies the first of THREE all-new, all-comic volumes chronicling the stories you didn't see on screen. Adventure above the clouds, in the forest, and beyond the seas... well, beyond one sea. But it's a new one! There are Beans to meet and beans to eat and beans to plant and Beans who just can't. There are giants in the sky and beers on tap, a unicorn and something that is not at all a unicorn. Including "educational" and "informational" inserts to enhance your reading pleasure!Let us carry you back to Dreamland for new quests, new friends, new foes, and maybe a cocktail along the way, in these exciting comic adventures!Bean, Elfo, and Luci await!




Author/s: Groening, Matt

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