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Delphy Rose

Delphy Rose

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Meet Delphy Rose: thirty-eight, a SEN teacher, and happily single. After a chance encounter with Ben, she is transported back to more carefree times when both were in a local post-punk band, The Thistles. They can't help but fall in love, but things are complicated: Ben is married and has changed. Delphy is fragile and has a secret. A young, working class, ambitious Delphy dreamt of Uni. She immersed herself in and escaped through the explosion of eighties' alternative music. As a mature woman, Delphy recalls first loves, friendships, bust ups, colourful characters, the gigs, the parties. Through the memories of Delphy's younger days, full of hilarious escapades, Delphy Rose recounts the journey of a woman trying to find her way through and out of a difficult, coercive relationship with issues on both sides. She must realise that while Ben is the key, he is perhaps not the answer to healing past traumas. Can she resolve the pain of her past with her final song?




Author/s: MacNaughton, Tina Cathleen

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