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Deathbed (2023 Edition)

Deathbed (2023 Edition)

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Luna is on his deathbed, preparing to dictate his memoirs to Valentine Richards, a failed novelist turned ghostwriter. The singularly unadventurous Val seems like a strange choice to tell the story of a man who's lived the most adventurous life of all time, but things get even stranger when she learns that someone else is trying to erase Luna's story completely--by murdering everyone from his past who could corroborate his wild tales of alien mutants, mummy ninjas, and cannibal cults! Soon Val finds herself sucked into Luna's whirlwind world of sex, violence, and mind-altering jellyfish. Can this unlikely pair solve the mystery of who's trying to purge Luna from history before his life comes to a close? Or will they both be crushed under the sheer weight of his monumental self-regard? From the center of the Earth to the surface of the moon, writer Joshua Williamson (The Flash, Nailbiter) and artist Riley Rossmo (Batman/The Shadow, Cowboy Ninja Viking) retrace the journey of the world's most interesting man and bring readers along for the ride of a lifetime! Collects Deathbed #1-6.




Author/s: Williamson, Joshua

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