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Daughter of the Agunmukha

Daughter of the Agunmukha

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How does a girl from a tiny Bangladeshi island end up reading Tagore, Marx and de Beauvoir and become a leading feminist campaigner?This is the riveting personal story of Noorjahan Bose, born in 1938 in present-day Bangladesh to a farming family, near the mouth of the ferocious River Agunmukha-Fire Mouth River. Abused by male relatives and raised by a mother who was herself a child bride, Noorjahan struggled for her education and autonomy. Nurtured joyfully and creatively by her mother, and mentored by local activists, she found her way into the progressive movements that would one day take her around the world. From the pain of partition to her husband's death when she was only 18 and pregnant, to the devastating cyclones threatening her family's home and livelihood, Noorjahan's life has not been easy. Yet her courage shines through the pages of her memoir, whether she is promoting Bangla language rights, enduring Bangladesh's liberation war, or marrying outside her family's faith. This moving, gripping book tells a powerful story of trauma, loss, resilience and empowerment.




Author/s: Bose, Noorjahan

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