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Busy this Evening? : Yarns of a London Minicab Driver

Busy this Evening? : Yarns of a London Minicab Driver

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Inspired by the author's own work and personal experiences, Busy This Evening? presents a humorous and often tongue-in-cheek insight into the life of a London minicab driver, through the eyes of the sincere and endearing Thomas Buckley. This dip-in style book covers many aspects of the job, such as minicab etiquette and notable passenger encounters, but also shares Buck's innermost thoughts and his amusing insights into situations, people and relationships as he goes about his daily business, and is complete with a smattering of his favourite jokes along the way. Readers will find it easy to relate to a great deal of the subject matter in Busy This Evening? It is an amusing, uplifting and original read that will make them not only see minicab drivers in a whole new light - but life itself.




Author/s: Bastin, Chris

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