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Blade Runner Black Lotus: Leaving L.A.

Blade Runner Black Lotus: Leaving L.A.

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Based on the all-new acclaimed Anime series: Black Lotus. This officially sanctioned graphic novel heralds an all-new saga in the Blade Runner franchise, one whose ramifications will ripple throughout the Blade Runner universe. It's 2032, just after the events seen in "Blade Runner: Black Lotus" and Elle, aka The Black Lotus Killer, is still wanted for murder by the LAPD, as well as even more powerful and dangerous interests in Los Angeles. Escaping Los Angeles on a homebuilt Spinner-bike, Elle heads out for parts unknown like a cyberpunk Easy Rider, hoping to forge a new life free of the cruelty, violence and false memories that have so far defined and guided her reality and find answers to her mysterious origin. After she is bushwacked by bandits, Elle finds herself waylaid in the desert settlement of Frack Town, her Spinner Bike seriously damaged and in desperate need of repair. Still trying to adjust to a world that feels alien and unreal to her and eager to turn her back on her own violent tendencies, Elle finds herself drawn into a deadly dispute between two warring factions who struggle to co-exist in the desolate industrial town. On one hand there's the Boss Barnes, the de facto mayor and leader of the Frackers, and on the others there's Miguel leader of a "restorationist" colony trying to turn its back on the evils that have brought the world to environmental. Their struggle will bring Elle face to face with the one person she is trying to escape from. Nia Wallace.




Author/s: Wanstead Bookshop

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