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Birds of Shangri-La, Vol. 3

Birds of Shangri-La, Vol. 3

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A straight man takes a job�at a gay brothel�that has�a firm rule of no falling in love. What could go wrong?Apollo takes on a rather odd job at a brothel as a way to make some fast cash, but when one of the male prostitutes takes an interest in him, his days of gainful employment seem numbered. A paradise of sensuality, Shangri-La is a male brothel celebrating the glories of gay sex-not somewhere you'd expect Apollo, a straight man, to seek employment. But Apollo has now finished his training as a teaser under the brothel's most sought-after bird, Phi, and he's quickly realizing he's not keen to work with anyone else. When Phi himself starts to show possessiveness over Apollo, the two further risk permanent exile from paradise!




Author/s: Zariya, Ranmaru

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