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As The Eagle Flies

As The Eagle Flies

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A subtle, singular novel of profound insight, delivered in a voice so hilarious, intimate and frank, it was as if I suddenly had a zany French genius for my best friend. I enjoyed this book so much it felt illicit.' ISOBEL WOHL, AUTHOR OF COLD NEW CLIMATE --- This is the story of an affair, or two. The narrator of As The Eagle Flies has been with Igor for seven years, and has two children with him - when she meets Joseph. Before long, they are deeply entangled with each other, and choices have to be made between the life she knows with Igor and this unpredictable, and potentially destructive, affair. She is willing to start again with Joseph, but at what cost? And does he feel the same way? With a sharp wit, and a refreshing honesty, she charts the course of both of these relationships, exploring their highs and lows over a decade. Using literature, psychology, and popular culture to get to the heart of questions about love, family and identity, this is a book about getting lost in other people, and the lengths we go to to find ourselves again.




Author/s: Le Blevennec, Nolwenn

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