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Around the World in Eighty Days

Around the World in Eighty Days

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Having learnt that a new railway in India has made it theoretically possible to travel all the way around the globe in no more than eighty days, Phileas Fogg, a wealthy and fastidious London gentleman, makes a wager of �20,000 with his Reform Club associates that he can achieve this hitherto unheard-of feat, and, accompanied by his French valet Jean Passepartout, boards a train for Dover the very same evening. Pursued on their epic journey by a Scotland Yard policeman who has mistaken Fogg for a bank robber, the intrepid voyagers face a race against time as they traverse a range of exotic and sometimes hazardous landscapes and make use of any and every mode of transport available to them - including elephants - in order to achieve their goal. A huge commercial success on first publication in 1872, Jules Verne's classic adventure story has been adapted numerous times for the stage and the screen, as well as inspiring many real-life adventurers who have sought to emulate Fogg's audacious odyssey. Now presented in a brand-new translation.




Author/s: Verne, Jules

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