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And Still the Bird Sings : A Memoir of Finding Light After Loss

And Still the Bird Sings : A Memoir of Finding Light After Loss

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The day after my son died, a bird walked into my house. That tiny sparrow wouldn't leave me alone. It kept knocking on my door and showing up in my dreams, until it finally sparked a light within me, and then, something so much more. Linda Broder loses everything when her fifteen-year-old son Brendan dies-her music, faith, and hope. When a bird walks into her house, her husband and children embrace it as a sign from Brendan. But not Linda; she's too logical to believe in signs. Still, birds keep clinging to Linda's windows, whispering in her dreams, and showing up in unexpected places, pulling her back to her music and showing her how to stay open to wonder. Full of hope and resilience and the healing magic of music, And Still the Bird Sings is a story about finding sacred wonder in the midst of unimaginable loss, and a reminder of the many ways we can still connect with the ones we've lost. This unforgettable memoir will leave you filled with peace and wonder.




Author/s: Broder, Linda

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