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Agent 9: Mind Control! : a fast-paced and funny graphic novel

Agent 9: Mind Control! : a fast-paced and funny graphic novel

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New threats, new foes . . . and a new partner?! Your favourite feline secret agent is back for a new adventure!Agent 9 is back in action at the Super-Secret Spy Service, and it couldn't come at a better time. The next assignment? Stopping the Wolf, a cunning canine who's been hired by the sinister organisation DiViSiON to hunt down the final pieces of a mind-control device. It's a mission of such paramount importance that Nine must do the unthinkable - work with a partner!S4 teams up Agent 9 with Traps, a mouse who specialises in covert operations (and knitting too). Unfortunately, the partnership gets off to a rocky start. And despite their best efforts, the Wolf always seems to be one step ahead. With time running out and DiViSiON's plans to take over the world nearly complete, can Nine overcome the toughest challenge yet: being part of a team?This hilarious, action-packed spy series is perfect for fans of funny crime-fighting stories like The InvestiGators, The Bad Guys and Dog Man!




Author/s: Burks, James

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