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A Life Stolen : The tragic true story of my son's murder

A Life Stolen : The tragic true story of my son's murder

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Sarah Sak's son, Anthony Walgate, was murdered by gay serial killer Stephen Port after they met on dating app Grindr. Stephen Port was sentenced to life imprisonment at the Old Bailey in November 2016. The case received extensive press coverage not only because of the horrific nature of the crimes but also because the police refused to investigate Anthony's death despite three more bodies being found in near identical circumstances. It was not until Scotland Yard's crime squad took over that Stephen Port was arrested, charged, convicted and sentenced to life in prison. Sarah Sak's courage and perseverance helped to achieve justice for her much-loved son and now she campaigns for better policing, to recognise and link crimes, support families, counter homophobia and raise greater public awareness of the dangers of dating sites/apps, to prevent further deaths. She wants to tell the story of the murder of son and the other men who died in an attempt to understand how this could have happened and the role that social media played in their death.




Author/s: Sak, Sarah

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