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21% Monster: Serpent Strike

21% Monster: Serpent Strike

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Fun, fast-paced, high-octane action adventure, 21% Monster is a perfect page-turning series for fans of Alex Rider, Percy Jackson and the MCU generation. For once, 21% monster teenage-boy Darren Devlin thinks he has the upper hand over Xastris, the secret organisation that transformed him into a genetically-modified superhuman. Since joining forces with 19% alien boy Marek Masters, 17% sabre-tooth polar-bear Aurora Valero, and now 16% alien girl Genie, Darren has never been in a stronger position...but neither have Xastris. For they are planning an attack on the world's greatest superpowers, with the fate of millions at stake. Can Darren and the team intercept Operation Serpent Strike...or will Xastris land their deadliest bite yet?




Author/s: Canning, P.J.

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