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12 Days of Cancer

12 Days of Cancer

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We are all familiar with the 12 Days of Christmas which is symbolic of merriment and joy! 12 Days of Cancer is symbolic of the strength and tenacity to beat the disease coupled with real emotions during treatments and surgery. This book is meant to inspire and encourage others to know that there is hope. Kay's journey took place during the COVID pandemic when a vaccine did not exist. She had to endure two surgeries; her fear of not waking up and having her husband be told, 'your wife did not make it' worried her heart as she was not able to hold his hand before going into the operating room. She could not imagine how he would convey that message to their kids. With that horrifying thought, she decided she was going to live. Her prayer to God was to grant her the opportunity to live, to have another chance to live the life he intended for her!




Author/s: Freeman, Kay

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