You Need This Book Like a Fish Needs a Bicycle-9781524875619

You Need This Book Like a Fish Needs a Bicycle

Toomey, Jim

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Take a dive into the hilarious underwater world of Sherman's Lagoon, where humor, conflict, local politics, and pop culture all collide in an amusing maelstrom of aquatic comedy. New discoveries, travels, and creations are all underway in the Kapupu Lagoon. A search for other sea creatures leads to the discovery of The Wandering Meatloaf and The London Fatberg. But those new creatures aren't the only ones being found-on land, the Beach Apes have discovered the beaked whale despite Sam's existence being no secret in the sea. In one of his latest scams, Hawthorne decides to create Crabwarts Academy of Magic. It's not until Hawthorne grows a rat tail, Fillmore's walking on flamingo legs, and Sherman's got a rhino horn that Hawthorne realizes he's no match for real magic. Dive into the latest Sherman's Lagoon collection, where you might find that you need this book like a fish needs a bicycle... OK, so maybe a fish doesn't need a bicycle, but this book is pretty hilarious all the same!

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