Where the Silver River Ends-9781988784878

Where the Silver River Ends

Quon, Anna

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Lyrical realism meets family drama meets sparkling global folktale. Joan, a half-Chinese English conversation teacher unmoored in Europe, flees Budapest for a fresh start. Stepping off the train in Bratislava, she meets Milan, a proud Roma teenager, and they strike up a friendship. Milan helps Joan settle into the city, and in turn, Joan introduces him to Adriana, who has traveled to lay the memory of her dead mother to rest. They form an unlikely trio, bound by love and luck into something like family. At the crossroads of youthful hope and the startling magic of coincidence, Where the Silver River Ends delves deep into mixed-race identity, systemic oppression, family reconciliation, and what happens when we gather the courage to slip out of the current and make our own way in the world.

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