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Where Is Anne Frank

Where Is Anne Frank

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A beautifully designed graphic novel bringing to life Kitty, Anne Frank's imaginary confidant, as she searches for her missing friend in the modern world. ___________________I had no clue when I came back to life, or how it happened. I just know there was a terrible storm outside the house . . . It's the middle of the night at the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam, when a thunderbolt shatters the glass case holding history's most famous diary. Magically, Anne's imaginary friend, Kitty, comes to life. But when Kitty learns that Anne and her beloved sister Margot died in the war 75 years earlier, she decides to run away, taking the diary with her. Following the path of the sisters all the way to where they met their fatal end, Kitty encounters the European refugee crisis and Anne's legacy. Join Kitty on her journey of discovery in Where Is Anne Frank . . . ___________________Praise for Anne Frank's Diary: The Graphic Adaptation'A stunning, haunting work of art . . . The comedy of the diary - one of the book's most charming and often overlooked aspects - shines in this form' New York Times Book Review'Faithful to the spirit and often the language of the diary . . . the beautiful artwork offers a charming and convincing view of Anne on the page' Economist'A modern classic' The Times




Author/s: Folman, Ari

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