What She Said-9781542036252

What She Said

Butler, D. S.

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Can DS Karen Hart rely on the word of a little girl to save the life of a woman in grave danger?When a woman is abducted from a quiet suburban street and bundled into the back of a white van, the only witness to the crime is a child with a reputation for telling tall tales. The police doubt the girl's story, except for Detective Karen Hart, who is determined to follow her instincts-perhaps because the shy little girl reminds her of the daughter she's still grieving. When a playing card is found at the scene, Karen finds her first clue. And when a second card is found at the home of a missing woman, Tamara, Karen finds her victim. But before the team can catch their breath, another woman linked to Tamara is snatched. And then a body turns up in a farmer's field. With the crimes having escalated from kidnap to murder, Karen must unlock the killer's calling-card code before any more victims are taken. But getting to the truth isn't going to be easy when Tamara's family has so much to hide...

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