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What Lies Beneath : My life as a forensic search and rescue expert

What Lies Beneath : My life as a forensic search and rescue expert

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From cold cases and serial killers to the death of a spy, Peter's true life story is as gripping as the finest thriller' - Peter James, author of Picture You DeadDiscover the truth beyond the police tape in What Lies Beneath, the arresting memoir of murder, investigation and justice from Peter Faulding, a world-leading forensic search expert. Recovering bodies, finding discarded remains, identifying unmarked graves and saving people from locations and situations too dangerous for the normal emergency services - all in a day's work for Peter Faulding. From removing protestors from inside dangerous tunnels to the scenes of some of the UK's most notorious crimes, he describes how he has developed into a highly regarded and highly skilled search specialist, whose job is to assist investigators and police as they search crime scenes and bring serial killers to justice. Peter gives new details on some of the country's most harrowing murder cases - including that of serial killer Peter Tobin, the Nicola Payne case and the Helen McCourt murder; sheds new light on mysterious deaths, including MI6 worker Gareth Williams; and details the incredible lengths he goes to when helping investigators. Get ready to join Britain's most extraordinary forensic search expert on his journey through deadly booby-trapped tunnel systems and into dark waters that hold horrific secrets, then onwards through uninviting crime scenes and into the minds of killers.




Author/s: Faulding, Peter

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