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War Game

War Game

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A special lavishly illustrated new edition of Michael Foreman's classic story. War Game is a modern classic about a group of lads who sign up to fight in World War I and find themselves fighting on the front line. Then, on Christmas Day in 1914, something remarkable happens as the German and British armies stop fighting and meet in no-man�_Ts-land to play football. But the war isn�_Tt over, the two sides resume fighting, and the group of lads are ordered to charge across no-man�_Ts-land . . . Michael Foreman�_Ts numerous books for children have earned him widespread recognition as one of the world�_Ts leading illustrators. He has regularly collaborated with Terry Jones, Michael Morpurgo and others while several of his own books are also considered modern classics.




Author/s: Foreman, Michael

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