Value(s) : Building a Better World for All

Value(s) : Building a Better World for All

Mark Carney

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A radical book that speaks out accessibly'

'Indispensable ... This is the essential handbook'

What do you value? Why is it that often the things we value the most - from frontline nurses to the natural environment to keeping children well fed and educated - seem of little importance to economic markets? In Value(s), one of the great economic thinkers of our time examines how economic value and social values became blurred, how we went from living in a market economy to a market society, and how to rethink and rebuild before it's too late. During his time as a G7 central banker and seven years spent as Governor of the Bank of England, Mark Carney witnessed the collapse of public trust in elites, globalisation, and technology; the challenges of the 4th Industrial Revolution and the existential threat of the growing climate emergency.

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