Crouch, Blake

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<p><b>Upgrade is the new mind-bending thriller from Blake Crouch, author of the bestselling <i>Dark Matter</i> and <i>Recursion</i>.</b><br><br><b>‘You are the next step in human evolution . . .</b><br><br>What if you were capable of more?<br><br>Your concentration was better, you could multitask quicker, read faster, memorize more, sleep deeper.<br><br>For Logan Ramsay, its happening. Hes beginning to see the world around him, even those he loves the most, in whole new ways.<br><br>He knows that its not natural, that his genes have been hacked. He has been targeted for an upgrade.<br><br>Logans family legacy is one he has been trying to escape for decades and it has left him vulnerable to attack. But with a terrifying plan in place to replicate his upgrade throughout the worlds population, he may be the only person capable of stopping what has already been set in motion.<br><br>To win this war against humanity Logan will now have to become something other than himself . . .<br><br><b>Intricately plotted and epic in scope, <i>Upgrade</i> asks us to ponder the limits of our humanity and our boundless potential. Are you ready for the impossible?</b></p>

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