Trajan : Rome's Last Conqueror-9781784387075

Trajan : Rome's Last Conqueror

Jackson, Nicholas

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Until the publication of this captivating biography, no such volume on Trajan's life has been tailored to the general reader. The unique book illuminates a neglected period of ancient Roman history, featuring comprehensive maps and photographs to help orientate and bring the text to life. Trajan rose from fairly obscure beginnings to become the emperor of Rome. He was born in Italica, an Italic settlement close to modern Seville in present-day Spain, and is the first Roman Emperor to be born outside of Rome. His remarkable rise from officer to general and then to emperor in just over 20 years reveals a shrewd politician who maintained absolute power. Trajan's military success in taking the Roman Empire to its greatest expanse is highlighted in this gripping biography. Trajan's military campaigns allowed the Roman Empire to attain its greatest military, political and cultural achievements. The book draws on novel theories, recent evidence and meticulous research, including field visits to Italy, Spain, Germany and Romania to ensure accurate, vivid writing that transports the reader to Trajan's territory.

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