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Togo Takes the Lead : Heroic Sled Dog of the Alaska Serum Run

Togo Takes the Lead : Heroic Sled Dog of the Alaska Serum Run

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In January 1925, many people in Nome, Alaska, and the surrounding area were sick and dying from an outbreak of diphtheria. A supply of medicine was found but there was one big problem... it was hundreds of miles away. The only way to get it to Nome was by dogsled. Ride along with the heroic sled dog Togo and his owner, Leonhard Sepalla, as they make a dangerous journey across Alaska's unforgiving wilderness to deliver life-saving medicine to the people of Nome. This real-life animal adventure story combined with a stunning, full-colour graphic novel format is certain to appeal to all children who love animals, adventure stories, history and/or graphic novels, even struggling and reluctant readers. The book concludes with further information about the heroic animal including real-life historic images, perfect for those readers eager to learn more.




Author/s: Berglund, Bruce

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