To Live in the Light : A Life Renewed, A Faith Restored-9781631958588

To Live in the Light : A Life Renewed, A Faith Restored

Eichenbrenner, Tim

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To Live in the Light examines humanity's misguided values and goals and depicts how personal loss can lead to a crisis of faith that can only be restored through grace. Following a childhood marred by tragedy, Jack Wilson has dedicated his life to the pursuit of becoming a physician-but at a huge personal cost. Jack refuses to trust in others, to a point that he shuns interpersonal relationships in case they might interfere with his goal of practicing medicine. His mindset changes dramatically when he meets Annie Monroe, a nursing student, and falls in love. Try as he might to push aside his growing feelings for Annie, their relationship blossoms and the two get married. However, it's not long before Jack's old habits-of prioritizing work over relationships-return. Jack struggles to make time for anything aside from work, and that, on top of wrestling with his faith, damages his marriage. It's not until Jack Wilson suffers tragedy anew that his life spirals out of control. Then, at the risk of losing his medical practice, he becomes depressed and has a nearly fatal accident. As he "dies," Jack has an ethereal encounter that restores his faith and renews his life.

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