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The Wolf-Girl, the Greeks and the Gods: a Tale of the Persian Wars

The Wolf-Girl, the Greeks and the Gods: a Tale of the Persian Wars

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Myth meets history in a blockbuster retelling of the Persian Wars from multi-award-winning author of Rubicon and Persian Fire Tom Holland, lavishly illustrated by Jason Cockcroft. "The Persians are coming..." Hearing these words, Gorgo of Sparta is plunged into a dangerous world of vengeful gods and invincible heroes. For a mighty empire threatens Athens, Sparta and all who stand in its path... Calling on the ancient power to transform into a wolf and the blood of Zeus that runs through her veins, Gorgo must lead her nation in one of history's greatest wars. Multi-award-winning author Tom Holland and acclaimed illustrator Jason Cockcroft boldly weave myth and history in this dramatic tale of Greeks and Gods. Gripping and powerful, this extraordinary illustrated novel will be treasured by readers young and old. Ideal for fans of Percy Jackson, Neil Gaiman and Kevin Crossley-Holland, and the mythical retellings of Madeline Miller, Pat Barker and Stephen Fry, this is a book to be read again and again. "BREATHTAKING adventure on every page, and just the kind of detail, colour and vitality that young readers adore." STEPHEN FRY"A spectacularly illustrated account of the Persian Wars ... A MUST-HAVE for any child who loves Greek myths." THE SUNDAY TIMES"SPECTACULAR... A tour de force for mythology and military history fans." GUARDIAN"A GLORIOUS WHITE-KNUCKLE RIDE through classical history ... a book that any child is likely to remember well into their later years." DAILY TELEGRAPH"A GLORIOUS mixture - of history, fiction and thrilling legend, with pictures to swim the Hellespont for." SEBASTIAN FAULKS"A clear contender for one of those totemic books whose memory you carry into adulthood. A TRIUMPH." THE TIMES, CHILDREN'S BOOK OF THE WEEK "The Wolf-Girl, the Greeks and the Gods is a wonder, AS BEAUTIFUL TO LOOK AT AS IT IS ENTRANCING TO READ. Jason Cockcroft's illustrations are jaw-dropping, and Tom Holland's prose took me back to my own childhood introductions to these extraordinary mythological worlds in Roger Lancelyn Green's Tales of the Greek Heroes and Leon Garfield's and Charles Keeping's The God Beneath the Sea." FRANK COTTRELL-BOYCE"A BEAUTIFUL, immersive work of narrative history to treasure forever." WATERSTONES"This TRULY EPIC adventure includes elements of ancient Greek myth and legend, and it is full of magic, mystery, danger, excitement and wonder. Strirking illustrations by Jason Cockcroft bring its ancient landscapes and heroic characters to life." THE WEEK JUNIOR, BOOK OF THE WEEK"TERRIFIC ... has the feel of a contemporary classic." TONY BRADMAN, BOOKS FOR KEEPS"Tom Holland's masterly interweaving of myth, imagination and deep classical learning makes this an EXTRAOARDINARY treat ... Jason's illustrations are also MAGNIFICENT, packed with talent and sensitivity ... It reminded me of my own favourite childhood books of Greek myth and The Iliad." AMANDA CRAIG"Cockcroft's illustrations are expectedly brilliant. DARK, BROODY AND MAGICAL - like the written material. [...] A lovely introduction to both the legends and the legendary stories of the Persian Wars." JUST IMAGINE




Author/s: Holland, Tom

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