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The Witch's Throne

The Witch's Throne

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The Witch's Throne, based on the hit Tapas webcomic, is a riotous action-packed graphic novel epic that blends fantasy, comedy, manga, and a love of RPG adventure stories. Elves! Ogres! Dragons!When optimistic young alchemist Agni embarks on a quest to become one of the sacred heroes sent to slay the Witch, she expects to save the world...and maybe make some friends along the way. But she soon realizes nothing is as straightforward as in her childhood stories, and becoming a hero may come at a horrible cost. A vibrant and funny spin on classic shonen anime with the vibrancy of Steven Universe and the grand imagination of Dungeons and Dragons. Includes episodes 1 - 30 of the webcomic.




Author/s: Caballes, Cedric

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