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The Wild Life

Gordon, David

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Joe the Bouncer seeks the killer of NYC's most desirable call girls in the newest caper in David Gordon's acclaimed series. Joe Brody, ex-Special Forces operative suffering post-traumatic stress syndrome so severe that it turned him to drug and alcohol abuse, is getting his life back together. Living with his grandmother in Queens, Joe has taken what should be a simple job as a bouncer at a strip club where he can spend most of his nights reading the classics. The only catch is that his childhood friend Gio Caprisi, now head of New York's Italian Mafia, relies on Joe's extra-legal expertise when things get particularly nasty on the streets.Recently, New York's criminal underworld has been shaken by the disappearance of its most successful and desirable call girls. As a pattern emerges, what might otherwise appear to be a choice to pursue a new life comes to resemble something more troublesome - the work of a serial kidnapper. When a woman turns up dead, the hunt for the predator behind it all becomes even more urgent.To find the killer, Joe will have to plunge into the seediest fringes of Manhattan and its surrounding boroughs on another wild ride.Reviewers on David Gordon: 'David Gordon brings an outstanding new voice to the contemporary crime novel' Robert Crais'A unique and worthwhile series' CrimeReads'Gordon knows how to write a potboiler' LA Times

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