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The Violence

Dawson, Delilah S

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Delilah Dawson might have written the novel that defines this era.-Stephen Graham Jones, NYT bestselling author of The Only Good Indians. A provocative, timely, heart-wrenching thriller that will appeal to fans of Naomi Alderman's The Power and Christina Sweeney-Baird's The End of Men. When Chelsea Martin kisses her husband hello at the door of their perfect home, a chilled bottle of beer in hand and dinner on the table, she may look like the ideal wife, mother, and homemaker-but in fact she's following an unwritten rulebook, carefully navigating David's stormy moods in a desperate nightly bid to avoid catastrophe. If family time doesn't go exactly the way David wants, bad things happen-to Chelsea, and to the couple's seventeen-year-old daughter, Ella. Cut off from all support, controlled and manipulated for years, Chelsea has no resources and no one to turn to. Her wealthy, narcissistic mother, Patricia, would rather focus on the dust on her chandelier than acknowledge Chelsea's bruises. After all, Patricia's life looks perfect on the surface, too. But the facade crumbles when a mysterious condition overtakes the nation. Known as the Violence, it causes the infected to experience sudden, explosive bursts of animalistic rage and attack anyone in their path. The ensuing chaos brings opportunity for Chelsea-and inspires a plan to liberate herself and her family once and for all.

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