The Vanishing Patient-9781504070294

The Vanishing Patient

Chong, Mairi

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A doctor begins to doubt her own sanity as she investigates a patient's wild claims in this new mystery from the author of Lethal Resuscitation . . . Dr. Cathy Moreland is taken aback when an irate patient comes to her practice claiming his ailing wife has been kidnapped by one of her colleagues using a false name. Is someone impersonating a doctor, or is Adam Steer delusional? After looking into Adam's claims, she feels reassured that no such thing actually happened-but continues to worry that Steer is mentally unwell. A visit to his home only leads to more alarm. No one answers the door, but Cathy overhears a conversation that convinces her something sinister is going on-and that she herself may be in danger. Cathy's own bipolar disorder is well-managed, but she's beginning to doubt her own sanity-and others are, too. As strange developments unfold, will she be able to make any sense of the events around her before everything spirals out of control?

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