The Valiant Little Tailor : A Novel-9780300253191

The Valiant Little Tailor : A Novel

Chevillard, Eric

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The classic Grimms' fairy tale of the valiant little tailor, as you've never read it before "A creative take on storytelling, suggesting the potential in even the most familiar tale, with Chevillard riffing comfortably across subject-matters and stories old and new."-M. A.Orthofer, Complete Review Once upon a time, there lived a valiant little tailor who killed seven flies with one blow-but who is this narrator who has abruptly inserted himself into the story, claiming authorship? He's indignant: the fairy tale, borne carelessly along by the popular imagination, subjected to the transformations of oral tradition, was collected in a lamentable state by the Brothers Grimm, and he intends to restore the tale and its giant-slaying, unicorn-fighting, boar-hunting star to their original magnificence. But the true hero of the story remains to be seen: Is it the tailor, the narrator, or someone else entirely? In this explosive retelling of the classic tale, Eric Chevillard enlists the reader in a dizzying game of crack-the-whip, with new directions and delights in every paragraph. At once irreverent and deeply sincere, this book is a mischievous, multifarious celebration of the power of stories and those who tell them.

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