The Twist of a Knife : A gripping locked-room mystery from the bestselling crime writer-9781529124323

The Twist of a Knife : A gripping locked-room mystery from the bestselling crime writer

Horowitz, Anthony

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By global bestselling Anthony Horowitz, a brilliantly entertaining new locked-room mystery with a key that only Hawthorne can find. 'EASILY THE GREATEST OF OUR CRIME WRITERS' SUNDAY TIMES'Funny, addictive and clever, and the crime fighting duo of Hawthorne and Horowitz are as entertaining as ever. Brilliant. I can't wait for more.' ADAM HANDY''There's a lovely Hitchcockian feel to TWIST. The clock is ticking. It's a lot of fun.' IAN RANKIN'The Twist of a Knife is a beautifully turned locked-room whodunit' THE SUNDAY TELEGRAPH'A total joy. Anthony is a master entertainer, the genius twists and turns of his writing and plot keep me on the edge of my seat.' RORY KINNEAR_____________'Our deal is over.'That's what reluctant author Anthony Horowitz tells ex-detective Daniel Hawthorne in an awkward meeting. The truth is that Anthony has other things on his mind. His new play, Mindgame, is about to open in London's Vaudeville theatre. Not surprisingly Hawthorne declines a ticket. On opening night, Sunday Times critic Harriet Throsby gives the play a savage review, focusing particularly on the writing. The next morning she is found dead, stabbed in the heart with an ornamental dagger which, it turns out, belongs to Anthony and which has his finger prints all over it. Anthony is arrested, charged with Throsby's murder, thrown into prison and interrogated. Alone and increasingly desperate, he realises only one man can help him. But will Hawthorne take his call?_____________More love for The Twist of a Knife ... 'An adventure that will enchant mystery lovers, Anglophiles and theater buffs' The Washington Post'An immensely enjoyable read, funny, so clever and utterly original' Ragnar Jonasson'A delicious mystery [that] is bonkers and brilliant and a triumph' The Sun'Horowitz blurs the lines between fiction and reality to hilarious effect' The Express'A gripping tour de force' Woman's Own_____________Readers can't get enough of The Twist of a Knife ... ***** 'This is another thoroughly enjoyable and well-constructed mystery from Anthony Horowitz.'***** 'Thoroughly enjoyed it and devoured it in a little over 2 days!'***** 'This novel is hugely entertaining.'***** 'Fabulous. More please, and soon!'***** 'This is the very best in 'cosy-crime.''

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