The Trouble With Tigers : Take a trip to 20th Century India in this gripping historical read full of romance and adventure-9781398710665

The Trouble With Tigers : Take a trip to 20th Century India in this gripping historical read full of romance and adventure

Dhand, Roxane

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'This is a story with all the engaging elements of suspense and romance' FIVE STARSThis compulsive tale is rich in atmosphere and page-turning intrigue' FIVE STARS'The story is engaging from the start with enough twists and turns in the plot to keep you guessing right until the last page' FIVE STARS From the best-selling author of The Pearler's Wife, a gripping and immersive story of family secrets, sacrifice and romance set against the backdrop of a spell-binding circus in 20th Century India. Perfect for fans of books by Lucinda Riley and Dinah Jeffries. After her father died under mysterious circumstances, Lilly Myerson grew up in England raised by her grandparents. Married off at eighteen to a well-to-do but controlling Indian merchant, Lilly has never experienced adventure or romance. But in 1902 as a new king is about to be crowned, Lilly's life is destined to change. When her estranged mother invites her to spend the hot season in Nainital, Lilly's husband forces her to leave her beloved, five-year-old son Teddy behind. As Lilly discovers what lies outside her sheltered existence, she realises two things: she can't return to her carefully manicured life and she must rescue Teddy before his father turns him against her. Fleeing to the circus, Lilly enters a breath-taking world of wonder, romance and peril. Tiffert's Circus is renowned for bareback riding, the iron jaw act, trained tigers and elephants. The more dangerous the acts, the more the audience adore them. But the greater danger to Lilly Myerson is her husband Royce... ***Readers are loving The Trouble with Tigers!'Brilliantly written. This book will not disappoint!' FIVE STARS'This book is worth reading just for the fantastic, likeable characters you get to meet' FIVE STARS'So much to love here. Highly recommended' FIVE STARS'The book flows beautifully and is captivating. I would absolutely recommend it' FIVE STARS'The attention to historical detail shines through every page' FIVE STARS

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